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Anders Wohnen

Project Space SCHNEEEULE

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How can power and property be visualized? The drawings are dealing with diverse aspects concerning the regimentation of space by architecture. Fences and walls define the space that we move through. The view might be blocked or the entrance might be marred with obstacles. If it is possible to see inside, then it could be an instance of representation directed at the outer realm. If it is neither possible to see inside, nor to enter, then it is a case of exclusion. Foucault dealt with the ordering of space and its inscription onto the body based on his study of disciplinary institutions. It is about symbolical situations of space. Following the slogan of those who build obstacles: Trust is good, but fences are better.

The drawings depicting urban public space invite us to imagine how one would move through these exemplary landscapes. Some areas are accessible, and others can be seen, but are blocked by obstacles. Anothers cannot be reached due to their heightened significance. The drawings depict the character of the stage that many existing public spaces posses. Cultivated nature is awarded specific places: Trees and flowers are arranged in rows, hedges are cut in a way they recall architecture. In this way, public space is arranged according to the political ideas of societies.